HfE Aims

The first aim of HfE is to enhance the role of ethical competences in the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) for managers, by developing an innovative and attractive training format which is going to hit, assess, and recognize learning results, set common learning results standards (related to ethical competences), as well as promoting the development of organizational skills in non-formal and informal training contexts.

A second aim is to facilitate the enrichment of ethical skills in managerial curricula and to foster the promotion of CSR in both the tertiary education sector and companies, by raising the awareness within private companies of the issues related to human rights, respect for the environment and the consumption of land and resources; values that are part of the ethical skills area of EQF for managers.

The third aim is to create a network of companies interested in experimenting with innovative training methods of non-formal and informal education for adults, on environment and human rights; this kind of education aims at improving the organizational and management skills through the adoption of positive actions in the field of CSR and local, national and international solidarity.

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