HfE Activities and Outputs

The project work plan has been developed according to a set of linked steps:

  • the initial assessment of training needs;
  • the development of didactic formats of non-formal and informal training addressing the emerging needs;
  • the planning of training schedules based on the designed didactic formats and the construction of a training catalogue;
  • the development of assessment methods for the new training scheduled based on EC-VET principles and EQF system;
  • testing of some relevant training schedules;
  • public events and other dissemination activities of project’s outputs;
  • the exploitation of the catalogue (which is the final output).

To support all these steps there is a set of outputs developed through the project by the partners. The main outputs are:

  • the Research Report - Final results and conclusions;
  • the Training Guide;
  • the Informal Experiences Catalogue;
  • HECOS Website;
  • the sustainability plan of HfE training services;
  • HfE network of training providers;
  • companies and NGOs.

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