HfE Stakeholders


The project is implemented by a partnership of nine organizations from six countries, including four training providers and universities, three NGOs and two chambers of commerce.

Our partners are:

  • Organization for International Kooperation and Solidarity Onlus (Italy);
  • AICCRE - Associazione Italiana del Consiglio dei Comuni e delle Regioni d’ Europa – Federazione Veneta (Italy);
  • Voka - Kamer van Koophandel Oost-Vlaanderen (Belgium);
  • Odisee-Hogeschool(Belgium);
  • InnoSpectrum(Hungary);
  • Technical University Kosice(Slovakia);
  • Presovska regionalna komora SOPK(Slovakia);
  • Stockholms Universitet(Sweden);
  • Rosto Solidário(Portugal).

Partners led project activities at country level and gave their contributions to the project´s outputs according to their expertise and experience. The responsibilities of the training providers and universities included the implementation of the catalogues in their countries/regions and fostering horizontal mainstreaming within educational and training networks. Universities also supported the project by mapping students who were willing to engage in project activities. NGOs helped the mapping of good practices of non-formal training linked to NGOs projects in European marginalized areas and in developing countries. Chambers of Commerce responsibilities included mapping companies interested in implementing a HECOS experience from the catalogue and facilitating the pilot activity.

Contact Us

OIKOS ONLUS – Organization for International KOoperation and Solidarity

Via Marano Lagunare 3, Udine (UD) – Italy

E-mail: info@oikosonlus.net

Tel: +39 0432 520803