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From 2015 to 2017 Hecos for Ethics (HfE) has been developed as a three year project on Ethical Skills and Corporate Social Responsibility funded by Erasmus+ Program. HfE aimed to foster ethical skills development and internationalization within educational and training institutions, through enhanced transnational cooperation between those institution and other stakeholders, such as chambers of commerce, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), companies, etc.

The need for the ethical training of employees, and managers in particular, was already formally acknowledged in the Green Paper of the European Commission on ‘Promoting a European Framework for CSR’, which stated that ‘In response to the need to integrate CSR into the training of existing managers and employees and to anticipate the skills that will be required by managers and employees of the future, courses or modules in business ethics have become quite a common element of business degrees’.

It is a matter of fact that the EC has incorporated ethics into the common European Qualifications Framework (EQF). Ethical training may be considered as a key element in the development of individual responsibility for lifelong employability and sustainability. For these reasons the EC affirmed that the EQF system for managers requires 4 areas of competence: cognitive competence, functional competence (skills and knowhow), personal competence and ethical competence.

The growth of ethical skills today is a challenge for both the business and educational sector: since ethical skills have become a relevant topic for today managers, it is necessary that these abilities are included in the portfolio and CV of future managers. For the same reason the higher education system, like colleges and universities, must integrate ethical skills into the development of business CV, as well as into economic and social courses.

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