The project target groups are:

  • Direct
    • workers: managers and executives of private companies;
    • vocational and education centers interested in delivering new and innovative training services on Ethics and Sustainability;
    • companies willing to develop an internal culture and sensibility on CSR and Sustainability;
    • university students attending social and economic studies.
  • Indirect
    • NGOs that are interested in both delivering training services on Ethics and Sustainability and joining a net of companies interested in CSR and high education providers in the field f social and economic studies;
    • managers and executives that can develop their awareness on human rights, environment protection and other topics and will be able to certify new learning results in their curricula according to the EQF system.

In the early stage of the project, the direct beneficiaries of the activities will be the project partners themselves, who will be able to build and offer training services in the training market. During the project lifespan, activities for dissemination of project outputs will be implemented in all countries to raise awareness among other potential stakeholders: VET training providers, companies, NGOs, Universities, etc.

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