Sustainability has become a strategic and competitive issue for companies. For this reason, today, ethic for business is considered a key element for the development of the individual sense of responsibility especially by executive staff, supporting lifelong employability and its sustainability.
The growth of ethical skills is a challenge for both the business sector and educational sector: as a matter of fact, since companies are now facing these topics, ethical skills necessarily have to become part of the skills portfolio and CV, of today and future managers. Similarly, the higher education system, like colleges and universities, must integrate ethical skills into the development of business CV, as well as their integration into economic and social courses.

The overall goal of the project is to enhance the quality and relevance in the delivery of VET training services on the topic of ethics for business by:

  • developing innovative training approaches in the field of CSR and Sustainability;
  • supporting the transfer of good practices in the field of CSR and Sustainability training services at European level;
  • fostering the assessment of key-competences, including transversal skills (e.g. Ethical skills);
  • raising awareness on Ethical and Sustainability skills with particular regard to the issues of Human Rights, the Respect for the Environment, the Land Consumption, and the use of Natural Resources.

By the end of the project these following short and long-term impacts, objectives will be obtained and developed:

  • the quality and relevance of the training available on ethics for business is improved. With the development of a new and innovative approach it will be possible to foster the assessment of key-competences, including transversal skills like those of Ethics;
  • the capacities of organizations active in the fields of higher education, training and youth, notably in the areas of strategic development, organizational management, leadership, internationalization, equity and inclusion will be improved and developed;
  • the transition of learners (college students and managers) through different levels and types of formal/non-formal education and training will be facilitated through the use of European reference tools for the recognition, validation and transparency of competences and qualifications.

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